Employee Relations
Employee Relations
Employee Relations

Employee Relations

As employee relations consultants, we work with your HR department to manage conflicts between employees, investigate complaints, and come up with resolutions.

We also provide advice and guidance to People Managers on industrial relations matters, ensuring adherence to company policies and to good Industrial relations principles and practices.


  • Management of poor performance
  • Excessive absenteeism and punctuality
  • Job abandonment
  • Breach of policy
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Disciplinary hearings

We also assist managers with corrective action letters, provide appropriate solutions for correction active, and provide informal mediation services as required.


Saves Money

Our clients save on costs of paying salary and benefits, training and development and tools and equipment for dedicated inhouse resources to manage HR functions

Company Reputation

All decisions will be made in accordance with local laws, case law and good industrial relations. Clients don’t have to worry about non-compliance and its associated costs and reputation

Saves Time

Since time-consuming mediation and conflict resolution is now outsourced, clients have additional time to focus on other priorities